Thursday, October 20, 2011

F is for....

F is for flirting, flirting with a finish. I don't know why I always underestimate how long it will take me to finish something. I'm not the fastest stitcher to begin with and I seem to be easily distracted. I won't name the sampler I'm talking about, it's just the one I seem to have been working on forever. No more pictures of it until it is done. I won't work on it exclusively, because I need to feel the accomplishment of finishing something every once in awhile. No worries though, I'm still in love with it and will finish it.
F is for fire, the fingertips on my right(stitching)hand felt like they were on fire after stupidly grabbing a hot iron. Not a lot of anything got done for a few days after that.
F is for fifty, turning fifty a week ago. I always have trouble moving into a new decade. :)

I knew it probably meant being eligible for some new medical test, and I was right. How about a virtual colonoscopy, I will have to think that one over for awhile.
F is for finish, although not the one I had hoped for, a finish is a finish.

Give Thanks Sampler by With thy Needle & Thread
F is for feisty, that is Hobbs. I love this little cat more than I can tell you. She came to live with me four years ago. My daughter was working on a horse farm at the time, and found her in the field, a field full of horses. I was supposed to watch her over the weekend while my daughter went away, my birthday weekend. :) She was so tiny, she fit in the palm of my hand. I bottle fed her and wiped her little behind and after the weekend was over I knew she wasn't leaving. Actually, as soon as I opened the carrier door and she wobbled out, I knew she wasn't leaving. It was love at first sight. She can be very affectionate at times, but for the most part she is pretty feisty. She will still hiss and spit at you if you try to thwart some endeavor of hers. There isn't much thwarting going on though, she is spoiled and gets away with absolutely everything. Lately, she has been laying on the love seat beside me at night while I stitch. She seems to be content with the closeness without all of the lovey dovey stuff. :)

My husband thinks she is getting mellow with age, I certainly hope not because her feistiness is one of the things I love most about her.
Finally, F is for Fuzzypants. Angel Fuzzypants so nicknamed because she looked as if she was wearing a pair of fuzzy pants. She was a loner for many years, content to stay in the basement. About three or four years ago, she decided that she was going to be more sociable. She was suddenly a sweet and lovable cat without many of the vices common to most cats. She died a few weeks ago, after being part of our family for nineteen years. I sobbed my eyes out for days, and I still miss her companionship.

Don't worry, I promise that this won't become a blog about my cats. :)
I really want to thank everyone again for all of the kind words and encouragement about my husband's pending job loss. We are figuring things out and making plans. We will survive it just like many other people have, and good things may actually come out of all of this.