Saturday, May 25, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

Finally reached the end of a sampler that although small, took forever.

Hannah Cummins, 1828 With My Needle

Love this rabbit-

Garden Rabbit Ornament Cherie Wheeler Designs

My semester at school came to a close and I'm eagerly awaiting a package from The Essamplaire to fill my time until the summer semester begins. I will be taking a couple of classes online, so thankfully no traveling.

Another ending that is also a beginning-

My son graduated (magna cum laude) and will begin the next half of his college career in the fall. Way to make him squint into the sun. :)

The beginning of a new life together. The weather cooperated and it couldn't have been more beautiful-

Guess google reader is going away, and although I'm not sure how bloglovin works, I guess I will give it a try. Not sure if this is necessary, but Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day. Thanks for taking the time to visit!