Thursday, June 20, 2013

Emma Pretty In Pink

Surprise, surprise, I haven't let quite as much time elapse as I usually do between posts. :) I've been working on Emma Lerch from The Scarlet Letter. I've had this chart for quite a while and although not my usual colors, I'm finding Emma very pretty. I'm really enjoying working on her, even the border.

Unfortunately, vying for attention are some lovely samplers I received from The Essamplaire.'s not an ugly word. :)

We celebrated my son's 21st birthday on June 1. I want to tell time to slow down a little bit.

I know it takes time to stop and leave a comment, but the fact that you take the time really means a lot to me! Welcome to my new followers! I like to acknowledge comments, so I will take this opportunity to say thank you to those of you who are no-reply. :)

I was being blinded by this bright orb in the sky today when I realized it was the sun. We haven't seen much of it lately and I was thinking that maybe I should put stitching aside and get started on building an ark. :)

Thanks for reading!